Ordering Kegs

What size kegs are available?
Full --150 12 oz beers
Pony --75 12 oz beers
1/6 -- 50 12oz beers
Can I order a keg online?
Sorry, no. 
Keg orders need to be placed in person, in the store.  Why you ask?  We need to see your ID and keg storage is limited.
Are there deposits associated with a keg purchase?
Yes. Each keg requires a $50 deposit unless you have a keg to swap.  Each tap is a $50 deposit.
What types of identification do we accept?
All alcohol sales require a valid U.S. Drivers License, Passport or LOUISIANA State identification card or Military I.D.
Do we deliver kegs?
NO, we do not.
Can I pay with someone else's card?
The name on the ID must match the name on the credit card and it must be you!
All rental equipment must be returned within 7 days of the keg leaving the store or the deposit will be forfeited.