Party Planning

We are happy to work with you on your next event.  Below are the quantities we recommend for a full bar party.  Each event has its own personality and we're here to help.

Suggestion for a party of 100 people x 4 hours

Full Bar

Wine - 3 cases (36 bottles / approx. 180 glasses) 30%

Liquor - 18 liters (approx. 400 Drinks) 50%







Beer - 5 cases (120 Beers) 20%

Club Soda - 4 Six Packs (10OZ)

Tonic - 2 Six Packs (10OZ)

Coke, Diet Coke & Sprite - (Two) 2 liters of each

We have plenty of extras for your bar.  Bitters, juices, olives , beans and more!

Add some mixers here:  Cocktail Mixers

Wine and Beer Only  100 people-4 hours

6 cases of wine

10 cases of beer