Albert Ponnelle Bourgogne Rouge Les Tilleuls 750ML

Albert Ponnelle Bourgogne Rouge Les Tilleuls 750ML
Albert Ponnelle Bourgogne Rouge Les Tilleuls 750ML

Albert Ponnelle Bourgogne Rouge Les Tilleuls 750ML

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Pinot Noir offers a very varied palette of aromas which are a direct consequence of the terroir on which it is grown. That is why the name of the varietal is rarely mentioned on the label of a bottle of Bourgogne wine, which gives preference to its place of production.
Depending on where it is grown, Pinot Noir can produce intense, structured wines, or else elegant and delicate ones. In general, several common characteristics can be found in Bourgogne wines made from the varietal:

  • The color of a Pinot Noir wine is usually bright ruby, which is intense when the wine is young, and can sometimes tend to a red with violet hues. It becomes increasingly pale over time, until it may even take on a brick color.
  • On the nose, Pinot Noir offers a wide variety of aromas when young, from fresh berries like blackcurrant and cherry to spicy pepper and cinnamon, sometimes underscored with coffee or smoky notes. Over time, the fresh fruit flavors will transform into cooked notes of jam or kirsch, and the wine will develop exquisite aromas of wild mushroom or truffle, accompanied by some more animal notes like leather or fur.
  • As for mouth feel, Pinot Noir produces wines that tend to be rounded, with assured yet delicate tannins, which soften over time. The acidity varies depending on the vintage.

In the Bourgogne wine region, Pinot Noir always retains a certain freshness, even in the hottest years. The length and complexity of the wine varies, according to the level of the appellation.

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