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Elio's Wine Warehouse
6205 South Miro Street
New Orleans, LA 70125

Phone: 504.866.1852

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1 Keg Beer
1.1 Can I order a keg online?

We're working on this.  Currently, keg orders need to be made in person, in the store.  Why you ask?  We need your ID.

1.2 What types of identification do we accept?

All alcohol sales require a valid U.S. drivers license, passport, or Louisiana identification card.


We accept:

Valid U.S. drivers licenses

State of Louisiana ID's


Military ID's

1.3 Do we deliver kegs?

No. They're heavy!  We can help get it in your trunk but make sure you have some friends around when you get to where the keg is going.

1.4 What about special order kegs?

Special order kegs must be paid for 7 days in advance and picked up within 5 days of purchase.

1.5 Can I pay with someone else's credit card, i.e. my parents or friend

The Name on the credit card must match the ID given.

1.6 What are the keg deposits/fees?

Each keg requires a $50 deposit (unless you have an empty keg to swap)

If you need a tap, the deposit is $40 per tap


All rental equipment must be returned within 7 days of the keg leaving the store or you will forfit the deposit.


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