Knuttel Pinot Noir Bill's Hidden Track Sonoma 750ML U

Knuttel Pinot Noir Bill&

Knuttel Pinot Noir Bill's Hidden Track Sonoma 750ML U

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Bright aromas of wild raspberry and ripe strawberry mingle with hints of pomegranate, violets, and red plum. Flavors explode on the palate, and an elegant structure and mouthfeel give way to ripe, focused tannins in the finish. The wine’s balance and fine acidity pairs with seafood and light dishes, and is hearty enough for roasted meats and more substantial fare.  

The Knuttel Family Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir is 100% varietally pure and produced entirely with traditional Burgundian techniques. After blending thousands of wines over nearly forty years, William Knuttel still marvels at how the components and characteristics of wines mesh together like the tracks in a rock and roll recording. Put every track together, and something sublime emerges-- and, especially with Pinot Noir, any of the “tracks” can hook you into the wine’s charms!

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