Blancette Sparkling Wine 750ML U

Blancette Sparkling Wine 750ML U

Blancette Sparkling Wine 750ML U

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Piquette is a very traditional drink which has recently become fashionable again in some markets. It is not technically wine, instead being fermented from the remaining sugars in the leftover (usually white) grape pomace (skins, seeds and stems) after adding water. 

Historically the drink tended to be made by vineyard and winery workers for their own consumption. The history of the drink is rather murky. however, as in French bars the term might have also applied to watered down or adulterated wine. In fact Piquette is also a slang term for low quality wine.

The first modern commercial North American version was made in 2016. Today’s version is fizzy, and tends to have an alcohol by volume of 4 to 9 percent.

Modern production may well involve rehydrating white pomace while still in the press. Sugar extraction is maximized, and phenolic extraction minimized, if the pomace has no alcohol present from fermentation. Therefore for most red varieties it is better to use pomace from rosé winemaking where the juice was run off the skins early in the ferment.

The product has gained some hype in the US and UK on-trades in particular. It is seen as a moderately priced successor to orange wine and "pet-nat" (pétillant naturel), the previous sommelier favorites. 

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