Mimolette 6 Months 7.4OZ GFI

Mimolette 6 Months 7.4OZ GFI
Mimolette 6 Months 7.4OZ GFI

Mimolette 6 Months 7.4OZ GFI

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From the outside, Mimolette looks like a craggy and cratered cannonball, but slice into this round cheese, and within you’ll find an incredible orange center with a firm yet fudgy consistency and a sweet caramelized depth of flavor. Matured for six months, this Mimolette is labeled a demi-étuvée meaning “half-old”. The perfect blend of taste and texture you’ll love incorporating its bright orange slices onto your next charcuterie board or cheese tray. The perfect starter cheese, both the inexperienced cheese eater and the refined palette of the gourmand will relish the delightful taste of our French Mimolette cheese!

Also known in France as Boule de Lille, Mimolette originated in the North of France named after the town of Lille, hence the name. Located near Belgium and Holland, other similarly rounded cheeses are made. Due to restrictions against importing cheese during the French-Dutch war in 1675, the French version of the cheese, which went on to become Mimolette, was born. Distinguished from other variations by its orange coloring, it’s often compared to that beloved cheese Edam.

Made from cow’s milk, its distinctive rind, dark orange color, and caramelized flavor is a great snacking cheese that goes especially well with beer. As with all cheeses, Mimolette’s flavor gets more intense with age, making this 6-month ripened cheese the perfect balance of mild sweetness and deeply nuanced and complex flavor.

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